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My CD envelope doesn't come with a code!
Email with the following information:
Photo of your textbook set and your DVD-rom (best in original CD envelope)
Your name
Your Chinese School
Month/Year When you purchased your textbook.
Then we will verify and email you a code.
It says textbook code already claimed or textbook code doesn't exist.
Email with a photo of your code, and we will respond. 80% of the time, someone else in your family already created an account.

20% of the time, you're reading an 0 as an O.

How can I redo the homework?
Unfortunately, you can't redo the set homework. However:
to re-listen to the lesson text, click on 自由听课文
to re-watch the video, click on 自由听课文
to re-play the games, click on an open door.